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Painting & Drawing

Painting & Drawing

Drawing is essential. It's how people used to communicate, back in times of the Ancient Puebloans. Their language doesn't have a written form. So what do they do? They draw.


And it's fucking incredible. 

Take a page from the Natives and sketch down your thoughts every once in a while. It's not about "being good," it's about "giving a shit." 

You can do it, I promise. 

Womens Face Painting
Get your ass a pencil and draw. 
Digital Art

I'll admit, the best part of digital art is undoing mistake after mistake. Poorly drawn line? UNDO. Shitty blend? UNDO. 

I got myself an iPad and — this is an unpaid endorsement — it makes drawing easy and accessible. I pack it on travel. I can draw late at night. Sure, you don't quite get the same feel as analog pen and paper, but it's a hole-in-one.

Undo all the mistakes.

Digital Art

Handmade with love (and a little hate).

I'm a faker. A total faker. I started making books about six years ago when I was asked to do a hard thing. I made it up, then figured it out. If this strikes your fancy, contact me for a custom book.

Custom handmade books


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