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It's not rocket science

I worked with them on their branding — but only after I drank their cold brew for 6 months and hopped on the bandwagon of convincing them to go into business. Dude invented a vacuum extraction machine that boils at 80°F, adds unicorn dust into every batch and other science bullshit I can’t understand with my Bachelors in Colors. I don’t know how they do it but it’s smooth like butter (GOOD butter), and I don’t get raging heartburn from the stuff. Not that that ever really held me back; I’ll drink coffee till I die even if my stomach acid burns right through my tits.


I'm blessed (or cursed, depending how you look at it) to be surrounded by entrepreneurs. Business-ownership runs deep through my family and friends. I guess we just can't stand to be told what to do. Although, you'll find out pretty quick running a business can result in a lot of people telling you what to do. You know, like clients, business partners, the IRS. 

Brent Murray, owner of Galactic Coffee Company, cold brewed his own morning caffeine for years. His specially-created vacuum extraction machine is to credit for the stuff. Friends attempted to talk him into opening a business for months. He adamantly opposed. Until one day he just changed his mind.

That's where I come in.

Brent knew he wanted a rocket. There was something about vacuum extraction, the vacuum of space, and his high caffeine content (reminiscent of "rocket fuel" as some called it) that quickly took him down the path of the interstellar. The galactic. 


Brent was a die-hard fan of the rocket. I was a die-hard fan of the first planet. But I never show work I don't like — I was ok with the rocket. In fact, that's the one he chose. 

Until others talked him into the planet merely days later, and we swapped everything over to that. 

The Color Palette

We initially went for a retro theme: a vibrant blue and lively pink. It matched a lot of weirdnesses of outer space. But then we worried it may come across too naive. And while, yes, there were some childlike aspects of the brand, we didn't want that to be the foundation. We opted to change it to the colors on the right.



Brent showed me the wonders of Wix. Well, Brent said, "I have a site and it's through Wix. Can you make that work?" and I said, "I sure can," albiet swallowing my own apprehension. I had never used Wix before. 

I hopped in and found it to be THE most user-friendly, yet customizable, platform I had ever used. In fact, after completing Galactic's website, I took on the daunting task of totally redoing my own. That way, I could totally make it how I wanted, using Wix, without the smothering restrictions so many DIY platforms have. Check out the website below, and while you're at it, read my blog article, "10 Coffee Facts You Didn't Know."

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