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This book features lightweight white drawing paper. It’s best for pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, and pen. It’s not recommended for wet media or permanent marker, though it’ll hold up with light applications


• 5” X 7” / Landscape Orientation

• 6 folios of 16 pages each (total of 96 pages).

• 60lb (89 gsm) acid-free paper.

• Strathmore 400 Series Sketch interior.

• Hand cut, folded, and sewn.


All books are entirely unique. The nature of the process inhibits duplication; each book comes out differently. I use only 400 series Strathmore paper in my sketchbooks to ensure a quality sketching experience for artists of all levels.


The coptic stitch binding allows the book to lay flat, so you don’t have to do that weird thing where you elevate your arm to hover above the spiral binding while still trying to operate with finesse.


Every book cover is coated with a protective layer to protect against occasional mishaps. The coating is applied only to make the book resistant against light scratches, dirty tables, and slight humidity (like temporary light rain). It is not strong enough to protect against machetes, fire-breathing dragons, tornadoes, or a swim in your toilet. Unfortunately it’s not made of liquid diamonds; trust me, I looked for it. Your book may get scratched, stained, or frayed if you throw it around like I do.


You can request a custom order for a protective leather slip. But then you can’t see the unique cover. Ugh, adulting is hard.


Books are handmade, from the cutting of the chipboard to the final knot. There will be paper out of square, holes a little out of alignment, and maybe a drop of superglue on the thread. These are all results of unique handmade sketchbooks. Returns for simple aesthetic differences such as, but not limited to, the items listed above, will not be accepted.


Please acknowledge calibration of color on screens differs highly from computer to computer. Returns due to “disliking color” or “not color I expected” will not be accepted.

Handmade Journal / Pastel Stripes / 5 X 7 Landscape

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